Do Something About It

I don’t know how i came across this video, but this guy inspired me. He saw a problem, took actions and do something about it right away. He didn’t sit there and wait for somebody else to do something about it.
Sometimes laws and cops are useless.

And I think displaying hateful and racist signs like that in front of other people eyes should be prohibited. It’s hurting people’s freedom of security. So it does not comply with the freedom of speech.

Can’t believe there are still people like this old guy…come on… you live in the 21st Century…the cultural and racist hatred need to be ceased. Grow up old man!

Honestly, if I were to see someone displays hateful signs in my neighborhood like that, my crazy switch would probably be automatically turned on, and probably did something unlawful to get this guys out of my neighborhood.

Woo……i need to calm down now….lol

What do you think about this situation? Do you think its just for Sac Tha King to cut down the confederate flag?

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  • jim yaghi

    oh snap! that’s some racist stuff right there…