How To Generate Leads And Traffic Flipping VRE

Eric… what the hell is VRE?

VRE= Virtual Real Estate=Websites

In case you don’t know what flipping means: flipping is a term used primarily in the United States to describe practice of buying an asset and quickly reselling (or “flipping”) it for profit (Wikipedia).

You probably have heard of some overnight millionaires make their money from house flipping(real estate flipping), and how day traders make $100,000 in one day of successful day trading.

Hey, you can do the same flipping for profits online too.

People at SitePoint are making lots of money by buying lowly websites, and do their marketing magic to turn poorly managed sites from 1000 visits/mn and $20/mn to 12,000visits/mn and $3000/mn. Then they sell it for $10,000 or even more. The profit margin is pretty high if you think about all the overhead cost they are exempt from flipping VRE.

Now, you’re probably asking…Eric… I’m building my mlm business right now, where the hell am I gonna get extra time to run VRE flipping?

Ok…The title of this article is how to generate leads and traffic flipping VRE”….so its not about flipping sites and turn them into profits, its about finding existing sites where your targeted prospects are hanging out at and buy the site to steal its traffic and leads.

And for many of you who just started in this internet network marketing stuff, it’s probably better to get an existing website that gets free traffic already, so you can be up and running the first day.

Even if you don’t like the design and monetization, you can easily restructure it yourself or hire someone to do it on I believe you’re all smart people with good marketing knowledge, you can make it better, or you wouldn’t be reading this article.

TARGETED TRAFFIC is what we want. Not the look of the site. So even a blue ugly website that your dog wouldn’t even want to sniff it, but if it gets targeted 5000 unique visitors a month, then this might just be the site we want to flip.

You can just simply put up an attractive optin form on the side or top of this website and start getting leads. Or you can optimize it and turn it into a bigger traffic magnet. Do some SEO, do some video marketing, or distribute some articles.

Here are 5 simple strategies you can use to flip for more traffic and leads:

1: Look for the site you want LOOK DEEP:

We don’t wanna buy or because even though they are some of the most visited websites in mlm industry, its probably gonna cost you more than 6 figure to close the deal.

Type in some targeted keywords that your prospects might search for on google. Then skip page 1 to page 3, because we want skip those big sites and to search for those low hanging fruits.

You want to find sites that are operated by solo webmasters, or people who don’t take their sites seriously. Look for sites with good content but its just not getting any traffic or not SE optimized. Look for sites that have potentials that you’re confident that you can make it better.


The more homework you do, the smarter your decision will be made. And less risk you have on losing your shirt.

Tip: use and to decide if this site is worth buying.

2. Contact the webmaster: Once you found the target sites that you’re interested in, start to collect their email address and phone numbers. You can use to find out who own the websites.

When you contact them, don’t just blatantly tell them you wanna buy their sites. It’s rude.

Talk to them like you’re talking to your mlm prospects. Connect with them first.

You can tell the owner that how you like his website, and just try to get some information from the owner about the site. Then you wanna evaluate the site owner’s interest in his or her website.

And eventually, you will have to tell them that you’re interested in making a deal with him to create a win win situation. Just talk to them like you’re persuading them to join your business, I know you’re good at that. Lol

3. Taking over the ownership of everything:

Get a contract signed with both parties name and dates. It’s not a must for small sites. But its still safer.

Get the ex-owners personal phone numbers in case you have questions that need to be answered.

After you close the deal, make sure you transfer everything into your ownership including the ownership of business name, domain name, hosting, third party software, wordpress blog, and etc. Ask your webhost if you need help with transferring the site.

It’s better if you already have a webmaster to help you with that.

Remember to change the adsense code or any third party advertisements to your name. J

4. Optimize and get traffic

Now you have a site that’s already getting traffic.

Firstly, monetize it. You should put up an optin form on every page to build your list quickly. Some adsense ads or affiliate banners could help you make more money from the same traffic.

Secondly, clean up the site. SEO your site using correct meta title, description, keywords format. And configure your external and internal link setting to a SEO friendly version because the ex-owner probably doesn’t have as much SEO knowledge as you have.

Thirdly, drive traffic to your site. Yes, you can use PPC, videos and articles or whatever you prefer to drive traffic to your site. Don’t let the site die. Treat it like you just bought a new house or new office.

5. Rinse and repeat.

Finally, you improved the site and took it from a plain website to a $10,000/ month information resource site.  You can start thinking about the future of this site. Should you keep the site going, even increase more traffic? Or You’re sick and tired of loggin into the same page every day.  You’ve got yourself two very rewarding choices.

1. Sell it for massive bucks in your pocket, and pick another site to do the same.

2. Keep running this site as long as it’s providing you food on the table, cars in the garage. You can always hire someone to run the site for you, so you can just chill and smoke a cigar while the site’s making moolah for you.

Learning how to generate traffic the first time is probably not the easiest thing to do in the world. By buying and leveraging an existing site, you can learn while you earn.

Also, you can get SEO benefits from using an old domain. Google likes and trusts old domains more than newly established domains. Plus the amount of time and work to get out of google sandbox(google it) and create backlinks, content, subscribers makes buying an older site very appealing to newbies.

Sites with targeted mlm traffic but no monetization strategies are your best choices of site to start reaping huge rewards right away.

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