Google’s New URL Shortener – Is There a Conpiracy?

As you probably have already heard that google’s launched its own url shortener service. google url shortener

But it’s not available for broad consumers to use, instead, it’s like an add-on feature for google’s other products like google toolbar and feeburner….

Why did google create such a service when there are tons of FREE url shorteners out there?…maybe our search giant just want a piece of pie and maybe potentially use it to support the new algorithm.

Here’s what google said about the goal of this service:

  • Stability – ensuring that the service has very good uptime
  • Security – protecting users from malware and phishing pages
  • Speed – fast resolution of short URLs

…That’s all cool and nice right?…

But I don’t think so…I believe whenever google makes a move there’s always a hidden reason behind that…like google side wiki… Everyone thinks that our google’s trying to “own” or “re-frame” other websites by literally putting tags on them.

Not just me who thinks that google’s got something they don’t want us to know. Read to what Andy Beal has to share…about the new google tool.

  • What if Google starts using this click-thru data as part of its algorithm?
  • How does this effect SEO?
  • What if Google insists that sites with long URLs slow down the web and insists you convert to Not that far fetched!
  • What if it was added to the Google Toolbar because PageRank is going away–and Google needs a new reason to get you all downloading the toolbar?
  • What if Google starts adding AdSense to the destination URLs

But in the end I think yes I will try out this new service for sure…but with precautions in case google does something funky…

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  • iLearningglobal

    Well better try this one too. I hope this works well just like their browser.

  • iLearningglobal

    Well better try this one too. I hope this one works well just like their browser.